Artist Profile

From an early age Dian Weeks' art studies have paralleled the "old school of art" theory - the disciplined rendering and realistic portrayal of her subject matter - figures, animals and plant forms. Her predominant media is sculpture. Her creations range in size from delicate jewelry to monumental bronze works.

At age 18 Dian began working in several different art foundries perfecting various metal casting techniques. She has assisted such well renowned artists as R. C. Gorman, Zuniga and John Waddell in the production of bronze sculptures of all sizes. Among other prestigious commissions Dian sculpted a life-size bronze horse for Stanford University's Red Barn. (1985)

In addition to sculpture her education included all forms of two and three dimensional design, such as jewelry, ceramics, painting and weaving. While growing up in Arizona she was greatly influenced by the Southwest Indian culture, and later on inspired by her travels and research of ancient African, Oceanic and South American cultures. Since 1976 she has maintained her studio in Northern California, and spends part of each year in Hawaii, where she studies and carves her marine life collections. Today her clientele includes museums, zoos, galleries and fine gift shops throughout the U. S

Dian has created a very unique collection of jewelry, sculpture, and home accents representing human, animal and plant forms with exquisite detail and composition.